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Newsletter W/C 13th May 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,


School Trip - ACTION for all parents please

Our trip to Brooklands is fast approaching! We have spoken to most families at the door to anticipate numbers as much as possible; all children are invited to attend but if your child is not coming along please do let us know so we can finalise groups.

Please submit your consent for each child to attend the school trip using the form here.

On Friday 24th May please drop your child at the normal time of 9am at school. We have arranged a coach (which is always the highlight for the children!), to take us to Brooklands, leaving at 9.30am sharp. We have a day of activities planned which we hope will be of interest to all ages. The coach is booked to pick us up from Brooklands at 2.30pm. Under normal circumstances we would expect to be back at school for 3pm; however, given the traffic situation at present we may not be back at school until 3.15pm. We will try as much as possible to keep you up to date with our progress.

Please send your child with a small bag (which they can carry) to include:

  • a healthy packed lunch
  • a water bottle
  • appropriate clothing for the weather (including a hat if sunny)
  • (change of clothes for younger friends in case of accidents)

Incredibly, at the time of writing, the forecast is for 21 degrees C with a light breeze; let's see if that materialises! Please apply sun screen to your child before school. We will provide the children with snacks (unsalted rice cakes and fruit) throughout the day.

Half Term

Friday 24th May will be our last day of this half term, we look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 3rd June.


Children's House

This week in the Children’s House, a child brought in a book from the ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ series about Rosa Parks. “It’s about black people who can’t go anywhere”. After we read the book, there was genuine horror when the children realised that when Rosa was a child, white people could take the bus to school whilst black people had different rules and had to walk to their separate school. As an adult, when Rosa refused to give up her seat on a bus to make way for a white person, she was sent to jail; again the children questioned “why did she go to jail?” “That’s not right” and “the white people were trying to bully them”. We then had a discussion explaining that although this was a long time ago, prejudice remains still and we must all do our best for everyone to create an equal world. It is inspiring to see and hear young children challenge these events.

In yoga, the story was ‘The Very Lazy Ladybird’ who was just too lazy to fly! It tells of her hitching a lift with other animals with a hilarious ending. During the session, whilst doing the ‘Malasana’ pose one child said “my dad loves this position”.

In singing with Miss Jess, we are gearing up to the musical concert and added another verse to a song this week as well as perfecting all the actions to go with it. In addition, the children used all their energy singing A Ram Sam Sam increasing in speed with each verse-the children find it hilarious as they aim to keep up with the actions!

Many of the children have been greeting the teachers with Buenos Dias this week, proud of their use of the Spanish greeting.

During lunch time play in the garden this week, the children have been enjoying making ‘houses’ and ‘playgrounds’ for the snails!! This involved lining a pot with fallen leaves and foliage and then making a slide (out of a branch) for the snails to crawl down. “They go so fast, I didn’t know that,” said one child.

In cooking this week, we made cheese scones. Again, an older child wrote out the recipe saying “ooh I’ve never had cheese scones, only plain ones or ones with fruit”. Same child then wrote and illustrated a sign for the front door informing parents and carers what they had made. The fun was in grating the cheese and shaping them. The skill was avoiding the temptation to over work the dough and roll them too thin.

In sports, children played shark attack. It was a fun game where two hungry sharks had to kick the ball away from the fish swimming (dribbling) the football around. It was great fun and all the children were able to put into practice their dribbling and change of directions techniques.


We have been happy to welcome a new member of our community up from the Children's House. The children have been excited to show their new colleague around and support them in their new environment. We love how naturally inclusive the children are, offering just the right level of support and detail - we often find ourselves learning from the children far more than they learn from us!!

This week we have noticed a real step-change in terms of the children taking responsibility for their own plans. After holding a journal group on Monday, in which we explored why we use the journals and the types of information we need to record, there has been a huge increase in the amount of self-directed follow-up. The children are making plans with each other with less adult support or suggestion which makes the day flow much better for everyone.

In addition, after our sessions on constructive feedback last week we have noticed children being able to self-govern and resolve problems between themselves with little adult input. It just goes to show that by giving the children the tools, they are more than capable of using them effectively to get what they need/want in life.

In Yoga, Miss Hayley moved on from the feet to the calves and shins. The children played their favourite "marble game" (picking up marbles with their toes!). Then the children were taken through a series of poses to stretch their lower legs, which involved the use of yoga blocks

We had a change of classroom jobs this week and the children have helped one another with tips for their new roles. The new snack monitor spotted that there were two bananas left which were somewhat past their prime shall we say... They decided to make sugar free, dairy free and gluten free banana muffins for everyone to enjoy as a Friday treat. The child and a friend spent Friday morning merrily baking; on pulling them out of the oven they noticed they were a little flat. The snack monitor announced to the class that they would taste lovely but they'd forgotten the raising agent "but I've learned from that".

Our mini-Olympics was a great success with everyone competing in running short and medium distances, throwing and jumping. The scores were added together and the ranking announced. Everyone was very supportive and encouraging throughout, and everyone really enjoyed their banana muffin filled with love.

We do not need scooters at all next week - just be ready for the school trip on Friday!!

Kind regards,



School Events

Whole School Trip to Brooklands

Friday 24th May 2024

Parents are reminded that the school will be closed on Monday 6th May for the national Bank Holiday at the start of May.  

May Half-Term

27th-31st May 2024

We hope you all enjoy a lovely sunny May half-term, we look forward to the children returning on Monday 3rd June.   

Coffee Morning

Tuesday 11th June 2024

Another chance to come along and enjoy a discussion on an aspect of Montessori education.  Our subject is currently to be confirmed so if there is something you would really like to discuss or find out more about please do let us know.    

MAY 2024

Monday 6th May Spring Bank Holiday

Wednesday 8th May Coffee Morning Fostering the social sense in the Montessori Environment

Saturday 11th May Summer Open Morning for Prospective Parents 

Friday 25h May Whole School Trip To Brooklands

Monday 27th - Friday 31st May Half Term

JUNE 2024

Tuesday 11th June  Coffee Morning - Subject TBC

Tuesday 25th June School Photos

JULY 2024

Friday 5th & Saturday 6th July  Parent Meetings

Wednesday 10th July Ballet Show

Thursday 11th July Music Concert

Wednesday 17th July Sports Day and Picnic

Thursday 18th July End of Summer Term close at 12.15


Wednesday 4th September Start of Autumn Term

Saturday 19th October Autumn Open Morning

Saturday 8th February Spring Open Morning

Saturday 17th May Summer Open Morning

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